Three very big guys (KidzMixFlix)

I’m a brachiosaurus
and I am just as tall as
a three story building
and that’s pretty tall
And my name is Diplodocus
You won’t see two as big as us
The biggest of the Dinosaurs
The biggest of all

See them and you’ll be surprised
They are such an enormous size
Their heads are up there in the sky
They’ve got to be fifteen metres high
We don’t tell a lie

See them and you’ll be surprised

I’m a brontosaurus
Good job my skin ain’t porous
Cos I stay in the water
much of the time
There’s juicy plants to eat there
Greenery so sweet there
Keeps me away from T-Rex
when he wants to dine

I’m a brachiosaurus
and i’m a brontosaurus
and I am a diplodocus
Be amazed at our size
We’re three very big guys


Tekst en muziek: B. Corbett, J. de Plesses en A. Alberts
Youtubekanaal van KidzMixFlix
Bron: © Sunroof Music (Blue Strike Music)


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