Pterodactylus chaos (KidzMixFlix)

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I know what we’ll do,
we’ll all get in a queue
Then we’ll all get a chance to get airborne
This pushing and shoving
ain’t leading to nothing
we’re just getting frazzled and care worn

Sit up at the back
or I’ll give you a crack
Gotta stand there in line ’til it’s your turn
If you are this way,
you’ll be waiting all day
There you go again, won’t you learn


Well alright, well ok,
if you want it that way
You can all take a hike, I’m away now
Yippee, here I go,
see the ground far below
Watch me, I’m the one with the know-how

I’m the best of the lot,
give it all that I’ve got
Prehistory’s original air-ace
Oh yes, I’m the best
and here come all the rest
They’re chasing all over the place

We’re flying, we’re brilliant
We’re awfully resilient
We’re horny and bony and dangerous
Our claws are like knives
We can put out your lights
so don’t ever call us cantankerous

Watch where you’re going
Your airspeed is slowing
You’re gonna end up in the bushes
Keep your formation
And, all hold your station
I’ll ground the first one who pushes

Watch out for food
Oi, you, don’t be rude
You’re not the only one up here
We’re in this together
Like birds of a feather
This way! The food is down here

Try as we may
We can’t stay up all day
If the wind gets up we’ve all had it
Land while you can
Then we’ll all make a plan
To take off again if you make it

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Tekst en muziek: B. Corbett, J. de Plesses en F. Mizen
Youtubekanaal van KidzMixFlix
Bron: © Sunroof Music (Blue Strike Music)

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