Call us stegosaurus (KidzMixFlix)

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Call us stegosaurus
We’re such great big lumps
We grow to ten metres long
If you saw us, you’d adore us
we’re all spikes and bumps
We’re friendly so we’d get along

Sharp bony plates all along our backs
and pointed claws upon our feet
If you want to find us just follow our tracks
We’ll be there to greet you, so glad to meet you
thank you very much

Call us stegosaurus
From a long way off
we almost look like ships in sail
If you want us call us
that’ll be enough
and we will come to you without fail

Call us stegosaurus

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Tekst en muziek: B. Corbett, J en de Plesses
Youtubekanaal van KidzMixFlix
Bron: © Sunroof Music (Blue Strike Music)

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