Watch out for T-Rex (KidzMixFlix)

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If Tyrannosauros saw us
We would have to run and climb
The highest tree, and hope he doesn’t see
He is such a nasty fellow
He can roar and he can bellow
My oh my, he’s a real mean guy

So, keep your eyes open
keep watching for him
If you wear glasses
Better polish your specs
And if he should spot you
Ain’t necessarily got
Keep still and he’ll miss you
So, watch out for T-Rex

Six metres high and fifteen long
He stands so tall on legs so strong
Boy, can he run, every race is won
A massive mouth that’s full of teeth
so he can eat great chunks of meat
Scares all to death
Bet he’s got smelly breath

He’s a horrible creature
Don’t fight him, he’ll beat ya
He’s scared of nobody
most opponents he decks
With his beady eyes blazing
and his speed quite amazing
Just hope he don’t catch you
Watch out for T-Rex

So, keep your eyes open

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Tekst en muziek: B. Corbett en J. de Plesses
Youtubekanaal van KidzMixFlix
Bron: © Sunroof Music (Blue Strike Music)

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