A doctor

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Songtekst A doctor

I’m your friend a doctor
Why are you afraid of me
I treat your coughs
and make your fever flee

If you have a sore throat
a scratched elbow or knee
simple come and visit me

I’m usually seen in a spotless white coat
Around my neck hangs a stethoscope
With a little torch I examine your throat
Also your eyes, ears and nose

I check your body, temperature and height
Check if you are too heavy or too light
I may give your tummy a press here and there
but I handle you with great care

I make you stronger with vaccination
I treat you with tonics and medication
How I hate to give you painful injections
to protect you from horrid infections

I may be a family doctor or a specialist
a physician, a surgeon or a dentist
I come rushing to save my patients
during emergencies or operations

Your health indeed is your precious wealth
so you must exercise and eat well
If you’d really like to keep me away
Remember to have an an apple a day

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